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AUTHORS: R.Di Cuia (G.E.Plan Consulting, Italy), A.Riva (G.E.Plan Consulting, Italy), C.Turrini (CTGeological Consulting, France)

YEAR: 2010

Presented at the EAGE Conference and Exhibition Barcelona (Spain) 15th June 2010

The main objective of this study is to verify the impact of different geological variables on the reservoir model (in particular on the final hydrocarbon distribution, accumulation and dynamics) and explore different ways to reduce the uncertainties by building a 3D reservoir model of the Maiella Mountain, a field scale structure made of Lower Cretaceous to Miocene carbonates.
The Maiella Mountains offers, due to its geology and excellent outcrop exposure, the possibility to validate the impact of different: i) geostatistical methods to propagate the properties of the carbonate sequence, ii) data input and data distribution, into the reservoir model.