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Geologia Del Substrato

AUTHORS: Siorpaes C., Furin S., Riva A., 2007 YEAR: 2007 Geologia del substrato in: Neri C., Gianolla P., Furlanis S., Caputo R.. Bosellini A., 2007, Notes of the geological sheet 1:50.000, foglio 029 Cortina d’Ampezzo, Regione del Veneto – APAT Italian Geological Survey

Isotope Records And Biofacies From Albian-Cenomanian Platform Limestones (Central Italy): New Insights Into Environmental Conditions Of The Mediterranean Region

AUTHORS: Scifoni A., Corda L., Mariotti G., Brilli M. YEAR: 2007 Bathurst Conference Norwick (UK) Three sections from the central Apennine region (central Italy), spanning from the lowermost Albian to Cenomanian-Turonian, have been studied. Two of these are characterized for the presence of a regional gap, documented by bauxitic deposits, while the remaining presents no […]

New Perspective For The Evaluation Of Undeveloped Parts Of A Jurassic Carbonate Field In The Mediterranean Sea: An Integrated Approach To Data

AUTHORS: Di Cuia R., Riva A., Stefanelli R., Di Cesare L. YEAR: 2006 Architecture of Carbonate Systems Through Time AAPG Conference – Mallorca (Spain) An integrated review of all the available data acquired during over 25 year of exploration and production from a Jurassic carbonate reservoir in the Mediterranean Sea allow to review the previous […]

Reservoir Characterization Of Fault-Related Dolomite Bodies: Lessons Learned From A Jurassic Outcrop Analogue In Southern Alps (Italy)

AUTHORS: Di Cuia R., Scifoni A., Riva A., Moretti A., Caline B. YEAR: 2006 Bathurst Conference Norwick (UK) Geometry and internal heterogeneity of subsurface dolomite bodies remain difficult to predict and model. Therefore, a study of outcrop analogue has been carried out in the Southern Alps in order to understand the key parameters (depositional, diagenetic […]

Sedimentary Facies And Fracturing In The Upper Cretaceous Apulian Platform Carbonates Of The Murge Foreland And Maiella Mountain (Southern Italy): Excellent Analogues To Better Understand Subsurface Reservoir Characteristics

AUTHORS: Di Cuia R., Gout C., Sarti M., .Balzagette L. YEAR: 2005 AAPG International Conference & Exhibition – Paris, 2005 The Upper Cretaceous Apulian Carbonate of the Murge foreland and of the Maiella Mountain represent very good reservoir analogues for some of the Italian most prolific oil fields that lie at great depth underneath the […]