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Deviated Vs. Vertical Wells In Complex Carbonate Reservoirs: Lessons Learned From An Outcrop

AUTHORS: DI CUIA R., SCIFONI A. (G.E.Plan Consulting, Italy) YEAR: 2008 GIC Annual Conference (Milan, IT) Extended Abstract Carbonate reservoirs are liable to display large variability in their characteristics which can affect their performance and economic viability. Primary facies distribution and properties, sequence stratigraphic framework, diagenesis and fracturing are amongst the main factors that exert […]

New Website

Welcome to our new website!!! We have updated and renewed our website for two main reasons: The site is made of four main sections: Every section is made of several subsections where you can find a more extensive service description. Every Page has in his right column our contacts and the latest news. Stay tuned! […]

Geology Of The Dolomites

AUTHORS: Gianolla P., Andreetta R., Furin S., Furlanis S., Riva A., 2008, Geology of the Dolomites. In Gianolla P., Micheletti C., Panizza M., Viola F. YEAR: 2008 Nomination of the Dolomites for Inscription on the World Natural Heritage List Unesco – Annex 2-8, Artimedia Trento, pp.3-73

Geologia Del Substrato

AUTHORS: Siorpaes C., Furin S., Riva A., 2007 YEAR: 2007 Geologia del substrato in: Neri C., Gianolla P., Furlanis S., Caputo R.. Bosellini A., 2007, Notes of the geological sheet 1:50.000, foglio 029 Cortina d’Ampezzo, Regione del Veneto – APAT Italian Geological Survey

Isotope Records And Biofacies From Albian-Cenomanian Platform Limestones (Central Italy): New Insights Into Environmental Conditions Of The Mediterranean Region

AUTHORS: Scifoni A., Corda L., Mariotti G., Brilli M. YEAR: 2007 Bathurst Conference Norwick (UK) Three sections from the central Apennine region (central Italy), spanning from the lowermost Albian to Cenomanian-Turonian, have been studied. Two of these are characterized for the presence of a regional gap, documented by bauxitic deposits, while the remaining presents no […]