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Reservoir Connectivity In A Complex Fractured Reservoir: The Relationship Between Fracturing And Facies In The Upper Cretaceous Apulian Platform Of The Maiella Mountain (Southern Italy)

AUTHORS: Di Cuia R., Gout C., Balzagette L., Masse P., Vieban F. YEAR: 2005 International Petroleum Technology Conference held in Doha, Qatar, 21–23 November 2005. IPTC Paper Number IPTC-10817-PP Understanding reservoir connectivity in a complex, low-porosity, fractured carbonate reservoirs is fundamental for the correct assessment of the potential of a reservoir. In this kind of […]

Integrated Reservoir Engineering From Geological Concepts to Multiple Production History Matches

AUTHORS: Di Cuia R, Henriquel P., Inizan M., Lapointe P., Vieban F., Gilles Vincent G. YEAR: 2002 GEO2004 (Bahrain) The Subsurface (Geophysics, Geology and Reservoir) Uncertainty Management process is now a standard methodology in Total for non-developed fields. However, the growing part of the field portfolio occupied by mature reservoirs raised the essential need for […]

The Upper Cretaceous Rudist Facies Of The Murge (Southern Italy) An Outcrop Analogue Of The Apulian Platform Reservoir In The Southern Apennines Chain

AUTHORS: Di Cuia R., Sarti M., Claps M. YEAR: 2000 “New Insight into Basin Studies from Collaborative Research” Conference, GS of GB – London 24 October 2000 The Apulian Carbonate Platform of the Southern Apennines has been one of the major exploration targets in Italy in the last decade. This exploration strategy has brought to […]