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How A Detailed Structural And Geological Outcrop Based Study Is Helping To Better Characterise A New Oil Discovery In Southern Albania

AUTHORS: Raffaele Di Cuia & Alberto Riva (G.E.Plan Consulting), Stephen Farner (Petromanas), Robert Konert & Eddie McAllister (Shell) YEAR: 2014 “Reducing Subsurface Uncertainty & Risk Through Field-Based Studies” conference (The Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London) The Albanides thrust belt is characterized in southern Albania by a series of thrust zones that have involved in […]

Advances In The Study Of The Cretaceous Platform Margins Of The Maiella Mountain

AUTHORS: Davide Casabianca (Apache, UK), Antoine Auzemery (Univ. La Salle-Beauvais, France), Andrea Barrier (Univ. La Salle-Beauvais, France, Angelo Ricciato (GEPlan Consulting, Italy), Raffaele Di Cuia (GEPlan Consulting, Italy) YEAR: 2014 AAPG Confernce, Naples (Italy), March 2014 Session: Old and new petroleum plays in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic carbonates or Tectonic v.s. climatic control on carbonate […]

Comparison Between The Structural And Deformation Style Of Three Structures In The Berati Zone (Southern Albania)

AUTHORS: R.Di Cuia, A.Criscenti, R.Bitonte, S.Borello, G.Gattolin, A.Riva, S.Farner, R.Konert, E.McAllister YEAR: 2014 AAPG Confernce, Naples (Italy), March 2014 The Berati zone is one of the tectonic units of the western Albanides in southern Albania. In this area three main structures have been studied in outcrop: the Shpirag, the Molishti and the Gyrokaster Gjirokaster anticlines. […]