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Cenozoic Unconformities Control On Source And Reservoir Distribution In The Apulian Carbonates Of The Southern Apennines Thrust Belt

AUTHORS: R.Di Cuia, A.Riva, G.Gonano, R.Bitonte YEAR: 2013 AAPG European conference on Mediterranean, Barcelona (Spain) The Apulian sequence in Southern Italy represent a carbonate system that came into existence in the lower Triassic and lasted in some areas until the Lower Pliocene. This sequence represent one of the most important and prolific HC reservoir of […]

Input Into Reservoir Characterisation Of The Application Of Artificial Intelligence Techniques To Interpret Image Logs – An Example From A Well In The High Folded Zone Of Northern Iraq

AUTHORS: R.Di Cuia, R.Harrigal, D.Ferraretti, G.Gamberoni YEAR: 2013 “HYDROCARBON EXPLORATION IN THE ZAGROS MOUNTAINS OF IRAQI KURDISTAN AND IRAN” Conference, Geological Society of UK, London Image logs hold important information about the characteristics of reservoir units and they can supply insight on the rock texture, textural organization and porosity types and distribution. To reduce the […]

The Northwestern Margin Of The Adriatic Carbonate Platform (Cansiglio, NE Italy), Outcrop Analogue For Subsurface Exploration In the Adriatic

AUTHORS: Riva A., Preto N., Marian M. YEAR: 2013 AAPG 2013, Barcelona The Cretaceous margin of the Adriatic Carbonate Platform is considered one of the possible targets for exploration in the Adriatic sea, with some successful results in the Montenegro area (JJ3 well). The northwestern margin of the Adriatic carbonate platform is outcropping in the […]

Relationship Between Structural Style, Stress Field Evolution And Exploration Results In The “High-Folded Zone” Of Zagros Fold-Thrust Belt (Northern Iraq)

AUTHORS: F.Arboit, R.Di Cuia, A.Riva, R.Bitonte YEAR: 2013 “HYDROCARBON EXPLORATION IN THE ZAGROS MOUNTAINS OF IRAQI KURDISTAN AND IRAN” Conference, Geological Society of UK, London In the last 10 years, the northern part of Iraq have received a constantly increasing attention of oil companies interested in new frontiers for hydrocarbon exploration in are region where […]

Structural Style Across The High Folded Zone Of Th Zagros Thrust Belt (And Impact On HC Exploration)

AUTHORS: Di Cuia R., Arboit F., Riva A. YEAR: 2012 EAGE Workshop on Iraq, Istanbul (Turkey) Recently the northern Iraq has been the focus of extensive hydrocarbons exploration with high success rate as confirmed by the discovery of large oilfields mainly in fractured carbonate reservoirs. The fault and fracture network was produced by tectonic evolution […]