Basin Reports

basin reports Our multiclient basin studies are based on our knowledge of the basins and our experience in working on exploration projects. The combination of these two skills helps us in delivering reports that describe the geological characteristics of the basin and its evolution through time. The reports also cover the most important aspects related to the previous hydrocarbon exploration activity, the proved hydrocarbons plays, the existing petroleum systems components and the description of possible new exploration plays in the area.

The studies are based on all available public information, data and publications and they are integrated with the technical knowledge acquired by the team on proprietary studies. The availability of digital seismic, well logs and of technical reports by previous operators in the basin helps in better define the geological setting, the stratigraphy and the HC plays and targets.

In some of the reports, subsurface maps of key horizons and well log correlations are integrated within the report and used to support main observations and conclusions.

Each report includes also a series of enclosures and it is delivered in paper and digital copies:

  • A GIS project;
  • some summary posters (dataset map, stratigraphy and well log correlation panels, tectonic domains, facies distribution and play distribution maps);
  • summary of each field-discovery in the area (for some reports);
  • HC regulations and laws (for some reports).

The reports do not include seismic and well log data in .segy and .las formats. This data can be purchased separately.

The reports are not exclusive but can be integrated for the clients with specific requests based on specific needs.

Our wide experience and expertise allow us to depict in detail the geology, the tectonics and the hydrocarbon potentials of the following areas: Adriatic Basin, the Sicily and Malta Channels, the Southern Apennines Thrust Belt Offshore and Onshore, the Provencal Basin, the Valencia Trough,  the Albania & Western Greece areas, the Zagros Folt and Thrust Belt in Northern Iraq and Iran (Lorestan Region), the Gulf of Biscay and the Iberian Atlantic Margin.

Our non-exclusive basin reports can be purchased singularly or in packages. The reports are shipped in one paper copy and in a digital format (CD/DVD). They can be reproduced and used only internally by the company and they can’t be delivered or copied to third parties without the written agreement of GEPlan.

In case of interest on one or more reports the company should contact GEPlan for a final official proposal.

For more information about our reports click the links below:

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West Med Project (with Getech) Bay of Biscay Western Iberian Atlantic Margin