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G.E.Plan Consulting at EAGE2008 in Rome

G.E.Plan Consulting will be present at the EAGE2008 Exhibition and Conference in Rome from 9-12 June and will present 3 talks and 1 poster G.E.Plan Consulting staff will be between the authors of the following talks: 1) “Relationship between diagenetic evolution and tectonic regimes in thrust-fold belt: the Calcari Grigi Group (Jurassic, Southern Alps)”. The […]

AAPG Field Seminar – Complex Carbonate Reservoir

For the second year the AAPG field seminar on Complex Carbonate Reservoirs, led by Raffaele Di Cuia, is sold out. The seminar will start in Naples on Saturday 24th May and will end in Rome on Friday 30th May. The other field seminar leaders are Davide Casabianca (Marathon Oil International, UK) and Claudio Turrini (Claudio […]

AAPG Annual Convenction 2008

G.E.Plan Consulting will be presenting at the AAPG Annual Convection in San Antonio (TX) from 21-24 April. We will present a poster titled “OUTCROPS HOLD A KEY TO IMPROVE YOUR FRACTURED RESERVOIRS UNDERSTANDING AND PROFITTABILITY: AN EXAMPLE FROM CRETACEOUS PLATFORM AND BASIN LIMESTONES OF THE MAIELLA MOUNTAIN (ITALY)” (authors: Raffaele Di Cuia (G.E.Plan Consulting, Italy), […]

New Website

Welcome to our new website!!! We have updated and renewed our website for two main reasons: The site is made of four main sections: Every section is made of several subsections where you can find a more extensive service description. Every Page has in his right column our contacts and the latest news. Stay tuned! […]