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GEPlan Consulting at Norwegian Geological Society

Alberto Riva, geologist at GEPlan, will give a lecture at the Oslo local chapter of the Norwegian Geological Society on February, 11th, 2010. The topic will be “The geology of the Italian Dolomites and its role in geological knowledge” and it will focus on the geological Triassic of the Dolomites. A poster can be found […]


G.E.Plan Consulting cerca un/a neo laureato/a per un progetto riguardante i dati di sottosuolo italiani. Nel ambito di un progetto riguardante l’esplorazione petrolifera in Italia, G.E.Plan Consulting sta cercando un/a giovane neolaureato o un/a laureando/a in geologia da integrare per un periodo limitato nel proprio team. Il progetto riguarda l’implementazione e la digitalizzazione di un […]

The Researchers’ Night 2009

GEPlan in collaboration with intelliWARE and Department of Engineering-University of Ferrara, will participate to the in the Researchers’ Night on 25th September 2009 from 4.00 to 11.30pm in Bologna. [img:1 align=float_right title=none] Since 2005 Researchers’ Night is an initiative by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Program for Research and Development in which researchers […]

GEPlan to IDEAL 09

GEPlan will present a paper at the international conference IDEAL 2009 – 23-26 September 2009 – Burgos (Spain). PAPER: An AI tool for the petroleum industry based on image analysis and hierarchical clustering. AUTHORS: Denis Ferraretti, Giacomo Gamberoni (IntelliWARE), Prof. Evelina Lamma and Chiara Turolla (ENDIF – Engineering Department in Ferrara), Raffaele Di Cuia (GEPlan […]

New research project: integration of GPR (Radar) and structural and sedimentological analysis to characterised a fractured carbonate unit

G.E.Plan Consulting has started a new research project. The onf the project is to use an integrated approach to characterise a fractured carbonate unit in terms of fluid connectivity. The research project will integrate the results from a 3D GPR acquisition and processing and an integrated structural and sedimentological analysis over the Upper Cretaceous Carbonates […]

Simone Fontana wins the Sclocchi Theses Award 2008 (EAGE-SEG)

Simone Fontana wins the Sclocchi Theses Award 2008 (EAGE-SEG, http://www.eageseg.org/index.php?id=19,116,0,0,1,0) thanks to his MSc thesis at University of Pavia titled: “Diagenetic and dolomitization study of Monte Zugna Formation (Calcari Grigi Group, Lower Jurassic): fluid inclusions analyses as a constrain for the thermal history modelling”. Simone’s work was part of a larger study on Diagenesis and […]