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How A Detailed Structural And Geological Outcrop Based Study Is Helping To Better Characterise A New Oil Discovery In Southern Albania

AUTHORS: Raffaele Di Cuia & Alberto Riva (G.E.Plan Consulting), Stephen Farner (Petromanas), Robert Konert & Eddie McAllister (Shell) YEAR: 2014 “Reducing Subsurface Uncertainty & Risk Through Field-Based Studies” conference (The Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London) The Albanides thrust belt is characterized in southern Albania by a series of thrust zones that have involved in […]

Advances In The Study Of The Cretaceous Platform Margins Of The Maiella Mountain

AUTHORS: Davide Casabianca (Apache, UK), Antoine Auzemery (Univ. La Salle-Beauvais, France), Andrea Barrier (Univ. La Salle-Beauvais, France, Angelo Ricciato (GEPlan Consulting, Italy), Raffaele Di Cuia (GEPlan Consulting, Italy) YEAR: 2014 AAPG Confernce, Naples (Italy), March 2014 Session: Old and new petroleum plays in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic carbonates or Tectonic v.s. climatic control on carbonate […]