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Since 2005 GEPlan has helped several foreign companies (UK and US-based) to build their exploration portfolio in Italy. We have identified and helped our clients to get more that 25 exploration blocks.

Since 2005 GEPlan has worked on the characterisation of some of the main hydrocarbon fields operated by major oil companies.

Since 2005 GEPlan has built its internal database of surface and subsurface data for E&P activity.

Since 2005 GEPlan has run training courses in Italy for AAPG, Nautilus and internal training for several E&P companies.

Since 2006 we have completed 43 environmental studies for exploration blocks and for seismic and drilling activities. The environemntal studies have covered both onshore and offshore blocks in different administrative regions and marine zones . We have worked for 7 different non-italian operators.
Since 2007 GEPlan has promoted with stands and presentations the E&P activity in Italy at the following conferences and exhibitions:

  • Nape 2007 (Houston)
  • Prospex 2009 to 2012 (London)
  • Appex 2010 to 2013 (London)
  • AAPG Conference 2013 (Barcelona)