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We had a very pleasant week in occasion of the field seminar 2022 that we run in Southern Italy at the beginning of October! The weather was great, the group very engaging and the geology outstanding! During the field seminar we had the chance to observe the geological and structural organisation of a carbonate platform to basin transitional setting and their geometries. We recognised shallow and deep-water facies at reservoir scale within a regional scale depositional system and discuss the reasons on their reservoir potential. Furthermore, we described fault and fracture networks at the reservoir scale within a regional scale tectonic setting and reasons on their impact to reservoir performance also evaluating the relationships between facies and fractures. An important aspect of the seminar was to understand the relationships between outcrop and subsurface datasets and the use of surface and subsurface examples as analogues to discuss similar depositional and structural characteristics in other areas within the Mediterranean region and worldwide! Contact us to know more about our training offer!