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Static Reservoir Model

GEPlan Consulting acquired a wide experience in the characterisation of the complex reservoirs by providing support to companies worldwide in the development of their reservoir models. The analysis approach of the model consists in:

  • Stratigraphic Framework
  • Paragenetic Evolution
  • Structural Analysis
  • Rock Typing
  • Facies Propagation

Our team can perform petrophysical analysis by defining the poro-perm properties of facies intervals and upscaling into petrophysical model, as well as characterise and distribute the fault and fracture properties by generating DFN (Discrete Fault Network) models.

The poro-perm properties deriving from the integration of the petrophysical and structural models can be:

  • either integrated to define the distribution of the facies and fractures properties in the reservoir volume to obtain a geologically consistent geocellular static model of the field. The final result is a static model that can be used for the volumetric calculation and dynamic simulations.
  • or used to refined the appraisal and drilling strategy based on the poro-perm trends.