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Time is flying…..the conference season has opened for the GEPlan staff! Two are the appointments you cannot miss!

Raffaele Di Cuia will be in London from 4-6 March for the event “Reducing Subsurface Uncertainty & Risk through Field-based Studies” organised by the The Geological Society. For this occasion Raffaele will show a presentation titled “Detailed Structural And Geological Outcrop Based Study To Better Characterise A New Oil Discovery In Southern Albania”. 

Angelo and Stefano will partecipate to the APPEX Global event 2014 from 11-13 March (AAPG). 

They are keen to show you our last efforts on the new basin reports that will be published soon in the Western Mediterranean area (Provencal Basin) and give you some new updates on the Adriatic report and the Sicily channel work published last year. Moreover, they will be pleased to give you an overview of the services that we offer and obviously….a good italian espresso coffee!! Come and visit us at the booth number 82!!See you there!