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Raffaele Di Cuia, Alberto Riva, Mara Marian and Angelo Ricciato are attending in these days the AAPG conference in Naples titled “Mesozoic and Cenozoic carbonates of the Neo-Tethys: old and new concepts for petroleum exploration”. 

Angelo, Mara and Alberto have already shown their presentation on the Maiella platform margin (Angelo), the Southern Albania stratigraphy (Mara), the Cansiglio platform and the Inici Fm. in Sicily (Alberto). Raffa will show a presentation about the structural and deformation style of three structures in the Berati zone (Southern Albania) tomorrow morning. Furthermore, Raffa will join the post conference two days field trip as Field Trip Leader on a tour along the platform to basin transect in the Campania-Lucania Apennines.

A well-done conference organised in a wonderful location in front of the Naples Gulf!