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GEPlan will be present at the next (23-25/01/2013) Geology Society conference held in London on the “Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Zagros Mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan and Iran”. This conference will provide a forum where experience from the mature petroleum province of the Iranian Zagros can be combined with new understanding and knowledge from the exciting early days of Kurdish exploration.

At the meeting Raffaele Di Cuia and Alberto Riva will present 3 studies on:

– Input Into Reservoir Characterisation of the Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Interpret Image Logs – An Example from a Well In the High Folded Zone of Northern Iraq. (Raffaele Di Cuia)

– Paragenetic Evolution of a Cretaceous Reservoir Sequence In Northern Iraq and Impact on the Distribution of Reservoir Properties. (Alberto Riva)

– Relationship Between Structural Style, Stress Field Evolution and Exploration Results In the “High-Folded Zone” of Zagros Fold-Thrust Belt (Northern Iraq). (Raffaele Di Cuia)

This could be a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience on this area, based on the huge potentials discovered and the new exploration results reached in the last years.