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GEPlan consulting in collaboration with intelliWARE and Engineergin Department of University of Ferrara is present at ISMIS 2011 in Warsaw (Poland).


GEPlan presents a paper in the Industrial Session at ISMIS 2011 – 19th International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems.

Integrating clustering and classification techniques: a case study for reservoir facies prediction
The need for integration of different data in the understand- ing and characterization of reservoirs is continuously growing in petroleum geology. The large amount of data for each well and the presence of differ- ent wells to be simultaneously analyzed make this task both complex and time consuming. In this scenario, the development of reliable interpreta- tion methods is of prime importance in order to help the geologist and reduce the subjectivity of data interpretation. In this paper, we propose a novel interpretation method based on the integration of unsupervised and supervised learning techniques. This method uses an unsupervised learning algorithm to objectively and quickly evaluate a large dataset made of subsurface data from different wells in the same field. Then it uses a supervised learning algorithm to predict and propagate the characterization over new wells. To test our approach, we use first hier- archical clustering to then feed several supervised learning algorithms in the classification domain (e.g. decision trees and linear regression).