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We are glad to start the new year by informing our colleagues and friends to do not miss the chance to attend the presentation that Paolo Pace, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., FGS will show tomorrow January 8th at 5.15pm (GMT) during the Virtual AGM 2021 organised by the Tectonic Studies Group. The talk is about a fractures modelling work in a carbonate reservoir of an old oil field carried out in collaboration with our partners Primera Resources. Besides the conventional applicability for reassessing the HC in-place volumes and steer the reappraisal/re-development strategy, the generated fracture model provides a base for simulation of CO2 re-injection during production and EOR and it can also be used to understand and simulate hot water circulation within the aquifer at pre-feasibility study and geothermal potential assessment stage! #TSG500 #redevelopment #geoscience #energy #newhorizons #geothermal #storagesolutions