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AUTHORS: Di Cuia R, Henriquel P., Inizan M., Lapointe P., Vieban F., Gilles Vincent G.

YEAR: 2002

GEO2004 (Bahrain)

The Subsurface (Geophysics, Geology and Reservoir) Uncertainty Management process is now a standard methodology in Total for non-developed fields.
However, the growing part of the field portfolio occupied by mature reservoirs raised the essential need for assessing and managing uncertainties with the objective to match the real production history data.
This presentation describes how, on a carbonate field case, the entire process of 2G&R uncertainties quantification and ranking was performed leading to several reservoir models honouring the production history.
The key messages of this study are:

1. The geological concepts are matching parameters i.e. the production data should be used to select the most suitable ones.
2. Stochastic modelling and multi-realisation allow multiple production history matches and thus a true risks assessment for the forecasts.
3. Such a study can only be achieved by a total integration of the 2G&R engineers and tools.