Italy is one of the main HC producing countries in Europe.

The main advantages to do HC exploration in Italy are:

  • the presence of many small-medium size production gas fields but also the potentials for larger discoveries
  • the presence of several e&p companies and their turnover
  • the potential for storage and rehabilitation
  • the favourable tax regime
  • the known play types but possibility for upsides
  • the possibilities to use new technologies to prove new play concepts

GEPlan has a large database of subsurface data related to previous exploration and production activities. We have helped several E&P companies in building solid portfolios of exploration blocks, in identifying prospects and we have supported them throughout the complex Italian administrative procedures. The success of our clients in the their E&P strategies are due to:

  • our knowledge of the italian market and italian geology;
  • the strong relationship with local authorities and the ministry;
  • the experience of the legal and administrative italian procedures.

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