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Matera was designated as one of the European Capital of Culture for 2019. The area of what is now Matera has been settled since the Palaeolithic and is one of the most interesting stops of our field seminar itinerary in the course of Exploration of complex carbonate reservoir. The Matera High represents a horst structure where Upper Cretaceous lagoonal carbonates crop out in the core of the structural high. Tertiary carbonates with typical high energy facies and associated to a ramp depositional environment are onlapping on the Cretaceous limestone. Tertiary carbonates are characterised by reworked rudist-rich Upper Cretaceous facies and they show very high porosity and permeability in contrast to the tight carbonate facies characterising the Cretaceous sequence. What an amazing opportunity to enjoy Matera and learn something more on carbonates if not taking part to one of our field seminar in the next season! Have a look to our training course page for more information.