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We are glad to start a new project in the ambit of the radioactive waste disposal assessment in one of the selected repository sites in the Swiss Molasse Basin. The team will perform a detailed structural mapping aided by our new fault and fractures enhancement and extraction workflow on 3D seismic data.
The workflow is tailored for naturally fractured reservoir and consists in a multi-attribute fault & fracture enhancement process where a series of attributes tools are combined to enhance, detect and extract seismic-scale faults. Specifically, the edge attributes will be applied to enhance the seismic discontinuities, then subtle close-to-sub-seismic structural features will also be detected by applying additional workflows (e.g. ant-tracking and thinned fault likelihood). Contact us to know more about our new F&F extraction workflow! #geoscience #radioactivewastedisposal #faultfinding #structuralgeology #workflows #extraction #interpretationservices