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Other Services

Our company offers several technical services to help clients in their data management:

  • E&P DATABASE  – A complete database of subsurface data; report on basin; reports/analysis on the E&P activity; monthly update on the block changes; interactive database on the old blocks offshore and onshore Italy
  • RESEARCH  – We have taken part to several researches studies together with the most important universities in Italy
  • LOG DIGITISATION  – (LAS format), using Neuralog, a dedicated software for log curves digitalisation, we can convert images of log curves into digital data (las files)
  • SEISMIC DIGITISATION – (SEGY format) using an internal software we have developed.
  • THIN SECTION SCANNING – scanning/acquisition service of high resolution thin sections (4000 dpi) and storage into an interactive database.
  • GAMMA RAY ACQUISITION AND ANALYSIS – geological mapping, processing of data and analysis.
  • ROCK PLUGS – Plugging using the minidriller DD EC-1.
  • OPTICAL MICROSCOPE ANALYSIS – thin section observations for the analysis of allochems, paleontological content, texture, sorting (or crystal size range), pore types and abundance of pore-filling cements or alteration/residual products.
  • SOFTWARE – development of software that provide evaluation between image and electric logs, avoiding the subjectivity during the interpretation and reducing the interpretation time.