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Log Digitisation

Our digitisation process is a fast and efficient method that accurately converts paper log data to digital API format. We use Neuralog®, the Industry leading log digitisation software. NeuraLog® transforms scanned paper images into usable computer data.

The digitising works in either multiple-curve auto-tracking mode or in single-curve auto-tracking mode for monochrome, 8-bit colour or true-colour scanned images. For older and more difficult logs a semi-automatic mode can be used and in the worst cases a manual approach is recommended to convert the logs. Features include:

  • automatic curve tracking algorithm, with a manual digitising option when required;
  • accepts digital data in LIS, LAS, BIT or PTF formats;
  • ability to overlay digital data against scanned images to show the correlation between digital data and paper logs;
  • highlight discrepancies and missing data;
  • resampling and units conversion capability;
  • outputs digitised data to disk in LIS or LAS formats.