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Seismic Digitisation

GEPlan Consulting has developed a proprietary technique to convert scanned seismic sections into digital formats (SEGY). This accurate human-controlled process transforms your old seismic lines into useful SEGY data, ready to be imported in your seismic interpretation software.

The SEGY file contains the lines and the spatial references, so the digitalisation consists of four main steps:

  1. Graphic elaboration of the seismic lines (rectification of the borders, filters, resize and cut);
  2. Determination of the coordinates of the shotpoint, after georeferencing the shotpoint maps in a GIS environment;
  3. Upload of the images and the coordinates in software like Kingdom®, which enable to export the final SEGY that contains the images and the coordinates;
  4. Apply filters to the rough version of the resulting SEGY in order to improve the seismic quality.

Once the digitization is finalised (final SEGY) the resulting seismic line can be filtered in order to reduce the noise and improve the quality of the seismic signal and eventually migrated thus to place the reflectors in their real location.

The figure below shows an example of a seismic line before and after the conversion technique (from pdf to SEGY). The resulting SEGY is a rough processing that needs still to be filtered and improved.