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The imaging logs (sonic and resistivity logs) represent one of the more advanced and more important indirect tool to describe rock characteristics; when correctly calibrated with cores production tests or other subsurface data and used in association with other conventional electric logs, it can represent a key element to predict facies and characteristics in un-cored sections of the reservoir.

The I2AM (Intelligent Image Analysis and Mapping) project focuses on the creation of an Expert System that, based on the image logs could extract the maximum amount of information from these data and can classify images based on these characteristics. It is evident that the human factor is quite important in the interpretation of these data, not only in terms of experience of the interpreter but also in terms of ability to consider all the information available during interpretation.

Our approach is to use supervised advanced image processing algorithms and Artificial Intelligence techniques to analyze and to classify the borehole images. The result is an Expert System that produces a semi-automatic interpretation of image logs. The technique applies image processing algorithms to image data to extract their properties. The features tables obtained can be easily imported and analyzed by DI4GI2AM is a prototype still under development. I2AM is developed in collaboration with ENDIF (Engineering Departement in Ferrara) and with intelliWARE, a new software development company.

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