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Thin section scanning

The information retrieved from the thin sections analysis can be of key importance in the understanding of the reservoir properties during the exploration activity. In most of the cases, remarkable quantity of these data could be lost because of the huge amount of data to handle. We propose a solution to preserve and collect all the information related to the thin sections, through a process of scanning & acquisition, gathering them in a digital database supplied with interactive images.

We provide a scanning and acquisition service of thin sections. The equipment used is the Nikon Super Coolscan 8000 ED scanner. The maximum resolution of this scanner is 4000 dpi. The main information contained in the database are relative to the following fields:

  • Well: well name and reservoir units
  • Thin section: quality, size, staining
  • Petrophisical data: porosity, permeability and Sw
  • Geochemical data: FI, isotopes, trace elements
  • Hyperlinks: link to the thin section image
  • and whatevere the client needs…

The database in an interactive tool that can be updated constantly as new data are acquired on existing thin section intervals or as new thin sections are made available. Moreover the archive and database and the information contained in it, can be easily exported and uploaded in other software (Petrel, Techlog …) to have also these type of information available during the interpretation of other data (logs, seismic, modeling …).