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A basic and advanced interpretation of resistivity (OBMI) and acoustic (UBI) image logs from four wells in the Raageshwari Deep Gas Field in the Rajasthan region (India) has been completed by our team last week! The study was divided into two main phases. The first phase envisaged a detailed analysis of the fractures sets (natural fractures) and the present-day maximum horizontal stress orientation through the analysis of borehole geometry and induced fractures. An advanced stratigraphic interpretation was performed during the second phase of the project, by identifying the main sedimentological features and image log facies in the clastic units and by recognising volcanic flows/features in the basalts and felsics. All the interpreted structural and sedimentological features were finally summarised into a comprehensive depositional conceptual model. Well done! #imagelogs #interpretation #energy #oilandgas #logs #fractures #facies #geology #exploration #team #structural #science