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Carbonate Reservoirs

Carbonate reservoirs (limestone, dolomitic, or mixed carbonate-dolomitic) show a large variability in their characteristics, affecting both performance and economic viability. Among these differences the most prominent are:

  • Primary facies distribution and properties;
  • Sequence stratigraphic framework;
  • Diagenesis;
  • Fracturing.

Numerous subsurface disciplines contribute to the carbonate reservoirs characterisation. Their integration is crucial to understand and predict the dynamic reservoir performance. This approach leads to a more focused exploration, reservoir development and depletion strategies.

For these reasons, GEPlan is made of experts covering different disciplines of carbonate reservoir characterisation.

Our team has acquired a wide experience in carbonate sequences ranging from Proterozoic to Cenozoic, in Europe, the Mediterranean region, in the Middle East and North America. In our projects the main mission is to supply our clients with high quality technical supports/intepretation, to help them in better understanding and modelling their reservoirs.