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Fractured Reservoirs

Fracture reservoirs are complex to understand and challenging to exploit economically. The reason is the great difficulty of producing three-dimensional descriptions of fracture systems from subsurface datasets alone. The integration of all the available data from present day regional stress to log/core and dynamic data, can help in better understanding the 3D fracture and fault network and the relative importance of different sets into the dynamics of the field.

We focus our studies/project on the:

  • Spatial characterization of fracture/fault sets;
  • Impact on reservoir performances of the fracture/fault sets;
  • Spatial and Time relationship among fracture/fault sets;
  • Relationship between fracture sets and lithology/facies or petrophysical properties, fracture sets and bedding characteristics, fracturing and faulting (mechanical stratigraphy);
  • Characterization of the structural evolution through time with respect to regional geological events.

Our team has acquired an unique experience in fractured reservoirs (clastic and carbonate rocks), in Europe, in the Mediterranean region, in Africa, in the Middle East and Latin and Northern America.

In our projects the main mission is to supply our clients with high quality technical supports/intepretation, to help them in better understanding and modelling their reservoirs.