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Very exciting work in the last two weeks! Our team has been involved in two projects in the Vienna Basin in Austria and in the Molasse Basin in Switzerland. Same objective but with a different perspective! For both projects the aim was to detect and interpret faults and fractures on 3D seismic cubes by using our recently developed multi-attribute fault and fracture enhancement process. Nevertheless, while the study in the Molasse Basin is embedded in the ambit of a radioactive waste disposal assessment where faults are critical in terms of stability of the selected repository interval (hence to be avoided), in the Vienna Basin the objective was to find major faulted zones to plan a more efficient appraisal strategy and increase production in the field. A nice example showing how the same workflow can be used in different ambits! Contact us to know more about our workflow and its application!#oilandgas #energy #workflow #innvoation #newideas