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Simone Fontana wins the Sclocchi Theses Award 2008 (EAGE-SEG, http://www.eageseg.org/index.php?id=19,116,0,0,1,0) thanks to his MSc thesis at University of Pavia titled:
“Diagenetic and dolomitization study of Monte Zugna Formation (Calcari Grigi Group, Lower Jurassic): fluid inclusions analyses as a constrain for the thermal history modelling”.

Simone’s work was part of a larger study on Diagenesis and Reservoir Potentials of a partially dolomitised Lower Jurassic sequence. This study undertaken by G.E.Plan Consulting started in 2006 and was completed at the beginning of 2009. The results of this study are used to better define modelling parameters of some large subsurface reservoirs and lead to the presentations of various talk at international conferences.