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GEPlan offers the possibility to students to live an engaging work experience in the oil industry through a series of initiatives (internship, scholarship, bachelor and master thesis) in collaboration with national and internationals institutes. In the last years, we have been cooperating with several academies:

  • LaSalle, Beauvais – France
  • IFP School, Paris – France
  • Royal Holloway, London – UK
  • University of Naples Federico II, Naples – Italy
  • University of Camerino, Camerino – Italy
  • University of Basilicata – Italy
  • University of Padova – Italy
  • University of Ferrara – Italy
  • University of Modena – Italy

Why an internship?

  1. Provide the opportunity to understand the oil and gas business;
  2. Provide a training for young and future geologists;
  3. Provide and develop expertise in employment, self-confidence;
  4. Provide a techincal base (use of different softwares: ArcGIS, OpendTect, IHS Kingdom, Petrel, Well CAD, Neuralog);
  5. Show which is the role of a consulting company;
  6. Share experience and knowledge;
  7. Have a look to the world work market.

Each student will be supervised by a tutor, who will:

  • Provide motivation;
  • Act as technical guide/advisor;
  • Manage the students activity;
  • Show how to develop a workflow;
  • Teach to the students the work methodologies and the use of the softwares;
  • Show the utility of the topics of the internships;
  • Listen and ask wise questions.

Multiple tutors: the main tutor can point out/suggest the right person with better technical skills. This is helpful because the mentee learns from other professionists. Having more than one mentor will widen the knowledge of the person being mentored. Different mentors different strengths.

For further information about the projects proposal and more, please contact us at the following email address: students@geplan.it

The applications for the summer internship can be submitted from January 1st to March 31st each year.