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GEPlan in collaboration with intelliWARE and Department of Engineering-University of Ferrara, will participate to the in the Researchers’ Night on 25th September 2009 from 4.00 to 11.30pm in Bologna.

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Since 2005 Researchers’ Night is an initiative by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Program for Research and Development in which researchers have an appointment to meet with the general public.
Media events, shows, live experiments, conferences, exhibitions, guided tours, open studios take place on the same night across Europe. Emilia-Romagna is participating for the first time with a central event in Bologna and other events in seven cities in the region. For a night to spend with neurons on.
The project that brought together GEPlan and intelliWARE to the Researchers’ Night is the result of a collaboration with the Department of Engineering, University of Ferrara on the developed a prototype software using Artificial Intelligence techniques, that is able to recognize and classify the different types of rock formations in the subsurface in order to evaluate the productivity in terms of presence of hydrocarbons by using Image Logs.

The laboratory playful “Hunting with artificial intelligence to the Rock” with Denis Ferraretti and Evelina Lamma (University of Ferrara), Giacomo Gamberoni (intelliWARE CNS) and Raffaele Di Cuia and Mara Marian (GEPlan Consulting Ltd.) provides a challenge from more players: everyone can challenge others try to recognize and classify, based on visual characteristics, some “cards” that represent sections of rock, photographed in the subsoil. This is the activity that is performed automatically by the software.
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