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We are pleased to announce the finalisation of the first ultra-deep geothermal project carried out in collaboration with a student from the Ferrara University during his course of master thesis. The study focused on an old HC field (Malossa field) in North Italy which operated from ’70s to ’90s and that was characterised by operational difficulties due to high pressure and high temperature conditions.

The objective of the thesis was to analyse the geological and petrographic characteristic of the field thus to assess the ultra-deep geothermal potential. This state-of-art study is one of the few ultra-deep geothermal projects which are mostly present in France (Soultz-sous-Forêts, Rittershoffen), The Netherlands (Delft), Germany (Landau), Turkey, China (Yangbajing, Yangyi), United States  and Canada (Alberta). We are glad to having contributed with our technical experience in such an increasing energy resource!