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G.E.Plan Consulting will be present at the EAGE2008 Exhibition and Conference in Rome from 9-12 June and will present 3 talks and 1 poster

G.E.Plan Consulting staff will be between the authors of the following talks:

1) “Relationship between diagenetic evolution and tectonic regimes in thrust-fold belt: the Calcari Grigi Group (Jurassic, Southern Alps)”. The presentation is scheduled in the “Thermal and Thermo-chronological Constraints to Basin Modelling (SGI)” session on Tuesday 10/06, at 09.30 Lecture room A

2) “Diagenetic Evolution and Distribution of Dolomite Bodies in a Partially Dolomitised Sequence: The Calcari Grigi Group (Jurassic – Alps)” by R. Di Cuia* (G.E. Plan Consulting), A. Scifoni (G.E.Plan Consulting), A. Riva (University of Ferrara), A. Moretti (Consultant) & A. Ceriani (University of Pavia). The presentation (A009) is scheduled in the “Rock Properties and Geology of Carbonates (EAGE)” session on Tuesday 10 June 2008, at 14:30hrs.

3) “Complex Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Potentials: The Impact of Dettailed Structural Analysis. The Example of the Maiella” by R. Di Cuia* (G.E. Plan Consulting), D. Casabianca (Marathon Oil), A. Shakerley (Eni) & M. Masini (Departamento de Geologia de la Universidad de Ovie). The presentation (A034) is scheduled in the “Structural Geology and Sedimentology in E&P (EAGE)” session on Thursday 12 June 2008, at 09:55hrs.

We will also present an interesting poster titled “Can Image Logs Be Interpreted Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques? A Supervised Test over Two FMI Borehole Logs” by R. Di Cuia* (G.E. Plan Consulting), D. Ferraretti (University of Ferrara), L. Tagliavini (University of Ferrara), G. Gamberoni (University of Ferrara) & E. Lamma (University of Ferrara). The poster will be presented in
the “Reservoir Monitoring and Management / Wellbore Data Acquisition and Interpretation (EAGE)” session on Wednesday 11 June 2008, at 17:45hrs.