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E&P database

We offer our clients:

  • a complete database of subsurface data (well logs, seismic lines, technical reports), which are also loaded into GIS projects. Seismic and well logs are in digital format (SEGY and LAS files);
  • report on basin, play types and block evaluations, based on the geological framework, the play type analysis and previosu E&P activities;
  • reports/analysis on the E&P activity (drilling, production, exploration blocks …);
  • monthly update on the block changes (a report and the GIS files with the new block status and distribution);
  • interactive database on the old blocks offshore and onshore Italy which gives access to the documentation within the block (reports, maps, seismic lines, time structural maps, well composite logs etc.) through hyperlinks. The database includes about 1,400 blocks with more than 11,500 documents with technical information on specific areas within the Italian territory.