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Software Development

GEPlan Consulting, in collaboration with intelliWARE, is developing several software tools, with a passion for data integration and automated data analysis. The integration of image logs with electric logs, production data and any other type of data deriving from the wells allows a semi-automatic identification of classes/clusters with similar characteristics that can be propagated whitin the well and between wells. This kind of approach uses two software packages: I2AM and DI4G , that allow the complete integration of large datasets of different origins. In this way, we can automatically extract rock properties information with three main advantages:

  • provide an integrated evaluation with both image and electric logs,
  • avoid the subjectivity of the interpretation,
  • reduce the interpretation time.

The final result of this process is a set of identified facies along the image log obtained by a large automated log interpretation, although some level of human interaction and correction is still necessary.

Moreover, our approach can be scaled to single units, obtainig more detailed results. It can be otherwise applied to different boreholes from the same geographic zone, in order to get a 3-dmensional classification.

I2AM and DI4G are still under development.

I2AM and DI4G have been developed in collaboration with ENDIF (Engineering Departement in Ferrara) and with intelliWARE.

For more information about I2AM and DI4G please contact us.

In collaboration with our Engineering Team we can develop advanced software solutions to meet different needs of petroleum industry.