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Released the 1.0 version of I2am software. This software is able to produce is a very limited time an automatic interpretation of the main characteristics of the FMI borehole log images.

The new release (1.0) has drammatically improved the export of the results (images and data), the automatic clustering solutions supplied bythe software and the editing of the results (facies names, colours etc).
I2am is developped in conjuction with Intelliware s.n.c..

Here some I2AM screenshots.

The main window shows the original FMI image (on the left) and (on the right) the results of automatic image processing algorithms.
[img:2 align=center zz=none]

It is possible to change class color and label.
[img:4 align=center zz=none]

It is also possible to find sinusoids using the SinCAD.
[img:3 align=center zz=none]

The clustering window shows how different clusters are organized over the entire FMI image, computes a clustering solution according to some evaluation indexes and gives the ability to create new clustering partitions.
[img:1 align=center zz=none]

Using the export to text function it is possible to view data with other software.
[img:5 align=center zz=none]